The worst decision that Barnsley ever made.

The Worst Decisions Your Football Club Ever Made

Barnsley, much like many other Yorkshire clubs over the last decade or so, found out that relegation from the Premier League can have devastating consequences. Barnsley fan Tommy Marsden recalls the worst decsions that Barnsley made as they adjusted to post Premier League life.

Ever the optimist (and realist) I appreciate that a club the size of Barnsley FC must have its limits, to that extent I have been fairly satisfied with our last six seasons in championship mid table obscurity, whilst building financial stability. It’s also easy as a fan of a typical lower league club to join in the contradictory one-upmanship of ‘my teams worse than yours’. As you can guess it was pre 2006 where I think Barnsley’s biggest mistakes occurred.

I’m going back a few years to a period of time after Barnsley’s relegation from the premier league in 1998, to the sacking of Dave…

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