The problem with England, is it all the manager’s fault?

Written by fans, for the fans.

I was fortunate enough to have missed England’s depressing 1-0 Wembley defeat to Germany, which followed a 2-0 loss to Chile just days earlier. However, on my way home that night I found myself listening to Talksport and to what was a fairly heated debate about the shortcomings of England. Adrian Durham, a man known for his bold and often frankly ridiculous opinions stated that the problem with England over the years has been poor managers, writing off the likes of Sven Goran Eriksson, Steve McClaren(fair point), Fabio Capello(won everything there is to win in the game) and Roy Hodgson.


This statement really ticked me off as he went on to say that Bobby Robson and Terry Venables were the only decent managers we have had. Fair enough, they were the only two that lead us to tournament semi finals, but they were competing against teams with 1 or 2…

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