Police called to touchline row at Under 13′s game in my old district

Thorpe Rovers FC badge

Thorpe Rovers FC

From One Two Magazine’s website:

“Police were called as a heated altercation between two junior football team managers threatened to spill over.

“Officers went to the Fitzmaurice Pavilion in Thorpe St Andrew, where Thorpe Rovers U13s were taking on Sprowston U13s on Sunday afternoon, after reports that a man had been assaulted.

“But when they arrived they found that neither man involved, described by police as being “a little hot under the collar”, was willing to make a formal complaint.

“Parents contacted the Eastern Daily Press to voice their concern at the example being set to youngsters watching and playing in the match who witnessed the run-in.

“Thorpe Rovers chairman Martin Hewkin said he had not been at the game but had spoken to the manager of Thorpe Rovers U13s, who explained there had been a disagreement between the managers over a tackle during the game.

“He said some of the supporters had become involved as well, disagreeing over whether the tackle warranted a red card.

“Somebody in the crowd took it a little bit too far. One of Sprowston’s parents decided to phone it in to the police,” Mr Hewkin added.

“Steve Horstead, chairman of Sprowston Football Club, said he had not been at the game but was aware of the incident.

“He said: “We will fully comply with the guidelines that the Norfolk FA outline to us, whatever they may be.”

“A spokesman for Norfolk FA confirmed the incident was being investigated.

“He said: “We have been made aware of the alleged incident and will be investigating the matter in line with FA regulations.

“While we cannot comment further on ongoing investigations, we can reiterate that improving standards of behaviour across all levels of the game is a key feature of both the 
FA’s and Norfolk FA’s continuing work.”

“A police spokesman said officers were called at 3.24pm on Sunday to reports of a man assaulting another man and having an argument.

“No complaints were received, there were no visible injuries and the referee did not witness anything,” he added.”


Thorpe Rec football pitches, Laundry Lane – looks the same as when I was there as a kid in the 80s

Thorpe Rovers FC play at Pound Lane, Thorpe St Andrew, which is near to the recreation ground I used to play football on when I was a kid, Laundry Lane.

The rec was a quagmire in winter and like a dried-up African river bed in summer, baked and cracked by the fierce East Anglian sun. Dog shit was an occupational hazard, as was the ever-present threat of casual violence from the rough kids off the adjacent council estate, just to add that little bit of frisson to the games. There were, at least, proper full-sized goalposts in which to play ‘World Cup’ in. I always got picked last, but I scored some “worldies” I can tell you. Happy days.


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