How The Terriers Threw Away The Chance To Be The Greatest Team Of All Time

The Worst Decisions Your Football Club Ever Made

As part of a new venture I am aiming to get the view of fans on their club’s worst ever decision. The baffling boardroom choices, appalling signings, bizarre appointments or commercial nightmares, there’ll be plenty to choose from.

 To kick us off, the brilliant Marco Jackson tells us the worst decision that Huddersfield Town ever made. He had a lot to choose from, but it’s hard to argue with the moment he chose. This is as bad as decision making gets, so enjoy. 

There can come a point in a football club’s existence when they have a choice to make between success and failure. It might not appear to be such a big decision at the time, but looking back, it marks a definite fault line between what has been and what might be in the future. This is the story of one of those decisions.

The early 20th Century…

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