At long last – the tale of Deryl McManus, Model Wife

Iain Ferguson gets a motor....



Date: 02/10/1976

Programme – no – Newspaper: Notts County vs Oldham (also used for Notts County vs Derby – this was a two game edition)

You may remember a little while ago we mentioned Notts County having their 1976/77 programme/newspaper being sponsored and edited by Benny Hill. There was the infamous “Liz” picture pictorial (hopefully one day we can find that one) cover and of course there was “Deryl McManus, Model Wife”…well finally this blog can say we’ve come through with the goods, with a safe and secure purchase of the latter…and it was worth the wait. The cover is as Bowlam-esque as we thought, but the article itself (brilliantly part of a “girl behind the man” series which sounds just fantastic) is a wonderous thing…



…and what could be more Likely Lads-esque than that headline – “Why Saturday is baking time”…dearie me…actually, this whole newspaper is a…

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