Football: My Wife Knows Best

Sideways Looker

On the rare occasions I have attempted jigsaw puzzles, there will always be a frustrating moment when, having searched for a particular piece for what I assume has been a long time (time always stands still when you do jigsaw puzzles), someone looks over my shoulder and immediately picks up the bit of blue sky with small portion of red circus tent that I’ve been after.  Usually this is accompanied by an innocent little comment (“Is this it?”) and my ungracious acceptance that that piece is, indeed, it.  The tiny handful of readers who like both completing jigsaws and watching football will recognise that good judgement in both activities can be affected by the tunnel vision that occurs when doing them.

The point of this rather laboured and, in many ways, stupid introduction is to point out that while I know more about football than my wife, her comparative emotional…

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