The latest football arrests and banning order statistics – good news?

Propping Up The Bar

A lot has ready been made of the latest statistics for the year 2012 – 2013; the number of arrests has increased since last year, which was the lowest recorded number of football related arrests. However, the arrests appear to have spiked in the Football League Championship, where 621 fans were arrested compared with 495 in the last recording period. This also comes at a time when attendances for the year had fallen slightly from 9,784,100 to 9,662,232. Leagues One and Two also saw smaller increases in arrests with lower attendances, but not to the same extent. The Premier League, on the other hand, saw around 500,000 fans passing through the turnstiles, and almost 100 fewer arrests over the season.

This represents just under a 4% increase on the previous year, and does include all competitions. For the purpose of my analysis, I have tried to focus on league games…

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