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Ligue 1 


The French have always had a taste for quality football played from the feet. Star players at the forefront of the title contenders each season trying to outplay their rivals. Great teams turning into mediocre teams and bad teams turning to title contenders, this season has certainly given us the best and the worst of French football.


The title race this year is actually quite interesting. With teams such as Monaco and PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) predictably up there with the money and the talent they have bought into their sides respectively. The team that is surprising is LOSC Lille who are sitting in 2nd place behind Paris Saint-Germain. Lille have had some good results this season, including a win over Monaco at home, putting them 4 points off PSG and looking like a threat for a title challenge similar to the push made by Montpellier in the season 2011/2012. Montpellier incidentally won the…

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