German Youth Systems



It’s been a question that has been put to the English game a lot and a constant criticism that England has faced a lot; Is English football producing enough top quality young players, and what can we do to catch up with other countries levels of youth development. It’s been suggested that the German Bundesliga are ‘miles ahead’ in the production of young talent from local academies. Is this true or is it a gross over-exaggeration, is the Premier League really that far behind in production if young talent.

 Germany has always been seen as the lynchpin, the role-model in having top quality young players. Just look at the league, top quality local players have been produced and nortured into the league from a very young age such as Reus,Götze,Gündogan,Draxler and Alaba are just examples of the next breed of top class players who learned their trade in the Bundesliga…

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