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International Friendly
England C v Czech Republic U21
Tuesday, 19th November 2013, 6pm
Kingfield Stadium (Woking FC)
Entrance free, Programme £1
Distance 14 miles, Attendance 2153
Rather than be dragged down by The Man, I floated headlong through Tuesday, whisked along on a magic carpet usually reserved for the weekends.
I’d risen far too early. Like a dog catching the scent, the mere hint of a startling announcement instantly hauling me from my slumber. This was not the day to be debating “what is our fate?” This new potential exhilaration only served to add spice, to the anticipation that any match day brings. Mentally running through the day – somewhat distractedly – I had twelve hours to the early kick-off; half a day of clock-watching, green tea fuelled activity, followed by another trip to the physio (yes, the hand still needs attention) and then, freedom.
There are two…

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