Accused of being an Anorak! That reminds me….


Someone referred to me having an Anorak earlier which reminded me of a story from my childhood. 

Not involving an anorak, but something of a similar nature.

Once again, this story revolves around a trip to New Kilbowie to see Clydebank play.

Details of the game I can’t remember. I would have to have a guess about the year but I’d say maybe about 1980/81-ish.

Back then, I do remember two things very clearly about going to the game.

Firstly, Clydebank charged 50p at the time for children/OAP’s and secondly, they let girl’s in for free.

These two details are important for our story, so keep them in mind.

So we got to the game, myself, my brothers and sister – and now I remember it a little more, it may well have been a midweek game though it would have been summer as it was definitely light.

Anyway, we…

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