Nothing Compares to TV

Yes I Can Explain The Offside Rule

Evil Edna Willo the Wisp

It’s been seven hours and eleven weeks,

Since you took your aerial away.

I go out every night and work all day,

Since you took your TV away…

…but not any more, I have access to live television again and just in time to watch England and Sheffield Wednesday embarrassed on the box by Germany and Huddersfield respectively.

It’s ironic that I now live within spitting distance of Alexandra Palace, the home of the world’s first regular high-definition public television broadcast and transmitter, but yet in the lead lined bunker that I now call home I can’t get a signal.

An existence without television is an enlightening experience. I began to read more books and magazines, listen to the radio and the most radical solution to televisionlessness, going outdoors. However, I really needed my fix. 606 can only sustain you for so long after listening to the fifteenth Manchester United…

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