A box of delights!


I recently made a purchase off of eBay that was for something like 80 Shoot! magazines from the early 80’s.

To my surprise, they went for 99 pence.

The lad that was selling them said that they were his dads and were in the attic and so I felt a little uneasy only paying 99p for them so I offered to give him a few bob more – as a goodwill gesture.

Well, sometimes these gestures are rewarded as he thanked me for the offer and told me that I could have the rest of the magazines that were sitting in a bag in the garage; he was going to put them on as well but I could have them if I wanted!


So, after playing football on Saturday afternoon (and losing 😦 ) I took off up the motorway to Middlesbrough to pick them up.

There is something…

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