Hipster goalies – David Icke (God’s Goalkeeper)


David Icke, Coventry City

From Football and Music, “The Goalkeeper’s Fear Of The Alien

“David Icke didn’t actually have much of a footballing career – he did spend a bit of time between the sticks for Coventy, Northampton and Hereford but had to retire because of arthritis. It was the other burgeoning career he went into after footie that he very publicly torpedoed.

After he stopped playing Icke got a job at a local newspaper which eventually led him to the Beeb where he became a much respected sports reporter. He became a member of the team on the new BBC Breakfast Time programme and was a stand-in host on Grandstand, presented the snooker and was also at the 1988 Summer Olympics.

But then one day in 1991 he put on his best turquoise track suit for an appearance on Wogan, where he announced that he was the son of god, or a “godhead” as he described it and well… that was it.”


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