Hipster teams – who, how, and why

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There have been a number of recent discussions, and, indeed, jokes at my expense, between a couple of bloggers (you know how you are) and me about hipster teams. The usual names have come up, especially Borussia Dortmund. This got me thinking: what makes a team ‘hipster’? And why does the epithet have any currency? Given the usually dedicated nature of football fandom, why do we develop crushes on certain teams, and why do we call that ‘hipster’ anyway? I was also issued a challenge, to put my money where my mouth (or typing) is and call the next set of hipster teams. This I did, and I chose the following: Anderlecht, Basel/Basle, Real Sociedad, Dinamo Zagreb, Fiorentina, Atheltic Bilbao, Swansea, Austria Vienna/Wien, and Marseille and Napoli as maybes. From this list, I feel the first three are the strongest contenders for the term. I have not included Dortmund as…

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  2. […] Hipster teams – who, how, and why (nostanding13.wordpress.com) […]

  3. […] Hipster teams – who, how, and why (nostanding13.wordpress.com) […]

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