Red Bull: A Premier League Opportunity?

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In the world of sport, many corporate companies and businesses have fluttered an interest in the money making possibilities in owning a Sports team or brand. Splattered everywhere is eye-catching adverts from the world’s most popular brands, whether on the back of a motor car, on an athlete’s attire or on a sideboard in a stadium, you cannot escape the capitalism.
Red Bull are arguably the biggest players in the game when it comes to sport advertising. Organising their own unique events (Stock Car Racing and Cliff Diving the particular highlights) began the trend of Red Bull being the backbone money funder of “unique” sports.
No longer just an energy drink that cannot be good for you in the long run, they are now speeding around Formula 1 tracks with the best driver and car in the sport (proven with their fourth title victory on the trot this past weekend)…

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  1. Leeds United ripe for takeover as well

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