Radio Times in May 1983: Gold is their goal

The Goldstone Wrap

The national edition of the Radio Times for 21-27 May 1983 was priced at 25p and this was its striking cover:


While the FA Cup itself is a familiar sight, the details of the medals are far less well known. Inside, Humphrey Evans revealed that:

FA Challenge Cup medals are solid chunks of nine-carat, hallmarked gold, 1¼ inches in diameter. There are 12 each for the two teams plus one each for the referee and linesmen. The winners’ medals are about an inch thick and weigh around 25 grams, or just under an ounce:


The others are thinner and lighter. They cost around £300 each. The front has a design with a couple of footballers in nostalgically baggy shorts either side of a shield carrying the lions of England:


The back just says Challenge Cup winners or runners-up, with the relevant season engraved round the edge.

Evans’ article provides details…

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