#5MinuteFriday Rhodri Giggs & Mike Norton

Non League Review

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This week we caught up with FC United stars Rhodri Giggs and Mike Norton. They both took time out to answer a few questions for our Friday feature #5MinuteFriday. Here we ask them about the rumours of international football and we ask Mike about THAT goal.

First up Rhodri Giggs.
1. We and a few others have seen a couple of articles recently linking you with playing for Sierra Leone. Any truth in these rumours?

1. It’s very flattering but no truth in it, I don’t think it would be ideal when I’ve not even started a game for FC all season. I’m welsh and even though I would love to play international football I think there’s far too many people playing for a second country because they can’t get in their chosen birth place. So no there is no truth in it, but funnily enough the papers got it…

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