Double Dutch (part 1)


KNVB, Senioren 2E Klasse A
S.V. Nootdorp 2 v V.V.Valken’68 2
Saturday, 9th November 2013, 11am
Sportpark’s – Gravenhout
Entrance free, No Programme (but I did “acquire” the Voetbalclub Presentatiegids)
Distance 346 miles, Attendance 20+rising
Fine, it’s far from the noteworthiness (or worthiness) achieved by his long walk but, little could Nelson have known that four months later, he’d be landing in Amsterdam Schipol with its arguably even longer walk to freedom. By the time we’d attempted the same expedition – 23 years later – we certainly felt like we’d achieved something.
Rising far too early, I was off again, on another groundhop to track down some weird and wonderful yellow teams. I’d done all the preliminary checks; Passport, Fixture Lists, Clean Handkerchief, Phone, Wallet, Camera, Brother, and thankfully managed to persuade the latter to drive to Gatwick North.
Terminal fact 1For the lovely Dutch folk who may…

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