Blood-stained Steve Foster for England!

The Goldstone Wrap

With an international weekend of football approaching, now seems an apt time to share this article discussing Steve Foster’s England chances. From the 1980/81 season:


Steve Foster, Brighton’s giant centre-half, has a habit of bumping into things. Like Andy Gray’s head and Justin Fashanu’s elbow!

“I received a bad cut on the first day of the season, against Wolves,” he says. “Andy and I went for a high ball and cracked our heads together. That left me with a two inch cut on my forehead.

“I had to go off, but I wanted to get back as soon as possible. They gave me an injection, but it hadn’t worked properly when they put a couple of stitches in, so it was a bit painful. But when I got on the field again, the injection took effect. I didn’t feel anything then.”

With a huge white bandage ~ across his brow…

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