The most “Millwall” photo ever taken…

Iain Ferguson gets a motor....

I presume most people who read this blog will know football, and thus be well aware Millwall have, well, a stereotyped reputation shall we say. If you keep that in mind, is this the most “Millwall” looking image you’ve ever seen, from the same programme as Teddy and the Missus….


It just….well screams Millwall. The kids look Millwall. The player looks Millwall. Millwalls ground looks Millwall. Mrs Mines totally looks Millwall. The player even looks Millwall. Fans of big novelty cheques will be disappointed the 500 quid isn’t on something much bigger, but seriously, all we’re left with is….how Millwall is this image? Very Millwall… one likes this post? We don’t care….

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