Sitting at the football

The 90 Second Football Blog

As a football fan it seems that you have to be pro standing at the game. That if you aren’t, you’re part of the problem. A no good soft lad, who would be better off at the Theatre.

I’m not bothered, I hate standing at the match, I always have and I always will. If others want to, I’m fine with that, however it’ll never be for me.

I was probably about 5 when I went to my first football match. I’m not even certain about that to be honest, but I know I went to see Exeter City at St James Park.

I don’t remember the score, or the opposition, or if Exeter won or not. What I do remember is the bon bons my dad bought me before we got to the ground, and I remember having to stand.

I loved the sweets, because they were delicious, I…

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