Blogging: it still matters

The 90 Second Football Blog

I realised about a year ago that I wouldn’t be a journalist, and overtime I’ve become increasingly comfortable about that decision.

At the time I came to that quite painful realisation, I thought it was also time to give up writing altogether. Writing blogs, if it didn’t ultimately lead to journalism was to me like buying shopping and then throwing it in the bin: a worthless waste of time.

Now I see things differently, and actually think I’m pretty lucky. I’m not tied to deadlines, what I write isn’t edited, and nobody can accuse me of “lazy journalism” although the lazy part would certainly be apt.

My failure to get a nomination for a football blogging award did smart, but unlike many others I cannot claim to feel legitimately hard done to. I didn’t deserve to win, and I won’t, which is justice served. I’ll leave winning stuff to the…

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