The Lost World of Football: C is for Changing to Yellow…

Got, Not Got

Continuing our series of extracts from ‘The Lost World of Football’ (which is ‘brilliant’… if you believe the first published review in Sport mag!)

Nowadays, it appears that every football marketing mans’ erotic dream is an all-black second strip, perhaps with a sparing, luminous-green or pink trim. But there was a time when it was absolutely costume de rigueur to wear an all-yellow away kit – or ‘amber’ as the Umbro catalogue had it.

changing to yellow

Leeds were probably the first, but by the late Seventies it seemed that every club that had to change kits were trooping out of the tunnel like a bunch of bananas. These were more practical times and this wasn’t done to sell shirts, but to avoid the need for a third kit as so few teams had yellow as a home strip.

Arsenal, Sunderland, Chelsea, Everton, Birmingham, Nottingham Forest, Charlton, Bristol Rovers, Liverpool, Blackburn, Tottenham and…

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