When Wool Was King

The Itinerant Football Watcher

If ever there was a truly inspiring industrialist and philanthropist it has to be Sir Titus Salt. He had become a partner in his father’s small textile firm which essentially outgrew their Bradford premises. Salt had been keen to clear up the smog and pollution caused by Bradford’s clattering wool mills but his use of a contraption called the Rodda Smoke Burner floundered. Wishing to improve the health and welfare of his employees and at the same time grow his business he acquired three acres of land west of Shipley adjacent to both the Leeds and Liverpool canal and the fast flowing River Aire. He had been one of the first textile merchants to identify the high quality yarn produced from the wool of the alpaca. His fortune boomed at an unprecedented rate and as well as becoming Mayor of Shipley, Salt opened a “model village” in 1851 for his…

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