Apathetic Readers, Voters or Writers?

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Russell Brand spoke last week about revolution, revolution to break free from the constraints of a political system that doesn’t empower its people to think for themselves but creates its own apathy.

His words appear to have taken on a new meaning in the football blogging world with writers arguing the case of apathetic readers, populist voting in awards and fewer blog hits due to saturation of the market with the same old stuff.

There have recently been a number of established football bloggers pondering the meaning of online existence and whether football blogging has had its day.

There appears to be quite a bit of consternation too about awards for blogging.  It’s all a bit too ‘populist’ for some who think that it’s not necessarily the best blogs that win the awards but those who have the most followers on Twitter.

There may be something in this.  There are…

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