The Lost World of Football: A is for Airfix…

Got, Not Got

Continuing our series of extracts from ‘The Lost World of Football’… 

Ever since 1955, when they released their 1/72 Spitfire model kit, Airfix had been satisfying little boys’ unquenchable thirst for recreating World War II.
I had painted up a boxful of Commandos and some Desert Rats I had inherited, as well as some German soldiers, and had painstakingly put together a Hampden bomber with fairly mixed results. How you were supposed to stop the ‘cement’ from clouding up the glass canopy of the cockpit was anyone’s guess.
After several back lawn battles, in which the Hun were always easily slaughtered or forced into an undignified retreat, I went to Zodiac Toys in Leicester to buy some reinforcements.

lwof a for airfix

And there they were on the shelf, just waiting for me… Airfix Footballers – Sports Series – 1/32nd scale.
If there was one thing better than war it was football and I…

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