Boniek – Poland’s greatest enigma



My first memories of football stretch back to the 1986 World Cup. I recall having a lovely wall-chart with all the games laid out on it and, as only a six year old could do, dutifully filling in the results with a trusty black pen. Apart from the wall-chart the other thing I remember from the tournament was my dad telling me stories about the beautiful game. He told me about the prowess of the Brazilian side and the supremely gifted but inherently shady Maradona. But my father was, and still is, a stout Francophile. Therefore most of his tales revolved around the graceful Michel Platini and the exciting French side he led. By extension my dad also waxed lyrical about Platini’s former partner-in-crime at Juventus, the Polish attacking midfield dynamo, Zbigniew Boniek.

Boniek is quite possibly the most talented Polish player ever, along with Górnik Zabrze’s Włodzimierz Lubański and…

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