Presenting the Virtual League Ladders 2013-14

A Northern Soul

Virtual League Ladders by A Northern Soul Travels

Today, A Northern Soul and A Northern Soul Travels proudly presents its Virtual League Ladders. Having realised the wallchart was unworkable, at least in the short term, I started work on making a Flash-based “virtual” version.

The virtual version covers 47 leagues across the top 10 tiers of the English football system, with almost 1000 clubs included.

The virtual league ladders work just as the physical version would – you pick up the team tabs and place them in the correct position (or in the wrong position if you fancy putting Manchester United in the EvoStik League).

Here is the download link for the Virtual League Ladders: (5.5MB)

After downloading the file, open it up and extract the two files to whichever folder you want. Open the HTML file and you’re ready to go. If your browser is set up accordingly, it should remember the positions of all the…

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