Should there be the Best Male Football Blog?

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It’s that time of year when the best football writers are acclaimed for their work. The Football Blogging Awards does a fantastic job in highlighting and rewarding those who write, not for money or recognition but because they enjoy writing about the sport they love. As the blogging world has grown so have this year’s awards. Prizes will be handed for 11 categories including, Best New Football Blog, Best Established Football Blog, Best Young Football Blog and Best Female Football Blog. However one award which has been dropped this year is the Best Male Football Blog.

Last year some people believe the Best Female Blog category to be sexist as it implies women aren’t capable of competing for a singular award. Others thought the categories shouldn’t be divided, however the fact that there was a category for both men and women meant that both genders were positively recognised, and neither…

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Football Blogging Awards season


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Red carpet for awards

It’s that time of year again to celebrate the efforts of football bloggers around the country and it’s been a busy year for me.

Yes I Can Explain The Offside Rule (YICETOR) has had a nip and tuck and looks shinier than a red carpet Oscar winner. I launched a new project in January called Football’s Fallen, which has brought some of the best bloggers and writers in the country together. To add the finishing touch to this exceptional year I’ve been given any supporter’s dream job of writing a weekly fan’s column about Sheffield Wednesday for the Sheffield Star.

This is a year to celebrate and both my blogs are eligible to be shortlisted for awards. Blogger of the Year for the Football Supporters Federation, The Football Blogging Award’s Best New Blog for Football’s Fallen and third time lucky as Best Female at the FBA’s.

I’m not going to…

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Admirable Admiral Window Stickers


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You wait years for a decent window sticker and then three come along at once…

admiral window stickers

Aberdeen, Leeds and Wales Admiral kits circa 1977.

Hopefully not too late to go into our new book: “Shirt Tales and Shorts Stories’, which is having its finishing touches applied right now.

Must crack on…


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